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    86 0592 6379148

    Floor 4, no. 252, tongan industrial zone, tongan district, xiamen city, fujian province, China

    We look forward to establishing long-term and friendly cooperation with customers from all over the world.

    Welcome to our company for negotiation and

    direction, We sincerely hope that we can make

    progress and work together to promote common


    Floor 4, no. 252, tongan industrial zone, tongan district, xiamen city, 
    fujian province, China


    Email id

    +86-0592-6379148         +86-13559045609

    Phone number

    Xiamen Bella Home Furnishing Products

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    Products detail
    Product name:

    baby bassinet wedge

    baby pillow-001
    Packing size:
    41*34*45CM (10pcs/ctn)
    Main materials:
    cotton cover +polyurethane foam
    Product description

    Contact us


    baby bassinet wedge


      Xiamen Bella Home Furnishing Products co., ltd. is a professional baby products factory, located in the beautiful city of Xiamen, Fujian province of China, with excellent geographic position and convenient communication. We are a manufacturer with our own complete system of design and development, production and marketing. We supply a wide range of products including kids foam sofa bed , baby wedge pillows, baby high chair cushions ,baby booster seat ,memory foam pillows ,memory foam cushions ,memory foam floor mats and so on. Our company has many advanced testing equipments, and a group of vibrant, high-quality talent to forge ahead. Most of our products are following the latest  standard, and have been well exported to UK , European , America, Australia ,Japan etc countries .

    Company profile


    Skype :    scarlettlife    


    Wechat:    scarlettliao1986 


    QQ : 1661942445  

    Email id:  scarlettliao@chinesebella.com
    Phone number:   +86-0592-6379148

    Address:   Floor 4, no. 252, tongan industrial zone,

                    tongan district,xiamen city, fujian province, China

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